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Men's Open Longbow Youth Longbow Competition
Men's Longbow Competition
Long Distance Shoot
Men's Crossbow
Women's Open Longbow

Shooting Rules for England's Medieval Festival Archery Tournament  

1. There will be one archery/crossbow tournament on each of the three days.

2. Registration will commence at 09:00 daily in front of the castle. Pre entry is invited via this website.

3. Shooting will commence at 10am daily, after compulsory safety talk at 09:45hrs.

4. Score Sheets should be returned to registration by 16:00 hours.

5. Daily winner announcements will commence at 16:30 daily. Please attend in medieval attire.

6. Any changes to timings will be advertised in the registration area.

7. On the last day of the festival there will be medals/prizes for those achieving the highest scores over the weekend for each of the eligible classes.

8. The longbow archer who attains the highest score on any one day will also have their name added to the prestigious Herstmonceux trophy.

9. Shooting fees for each day are £7.00 for adults and £3.50 for under 16s. If you register for all three days the cost will be £15 for adults & £7:50 for under 16's.

10. Contestants who do not have their Comp Card, GNAS or NFAS membership card with them, will be asked to undertake a comp test. Please see the Tournament registration form for further details on this.

11. Each of the three tournaments are open to persons suitably attired in medieval costume shooting in the following classes:

X Medieval Crossbow

T Traditional Handbow (one class to include all Men, Women and Children shooting traditional bows other than longbow)

L Ladies Longbow

G Gentlemen Longbow

Y Young Adults Longbow (16-18)

J Junior Longbow (12-15)

C Cub Longbow (under 12)

12. All arrows and bolts shall be made of wood with feather fletchings. Arrows with plastic nocks are permissible but see rule 22. Crossbow bolts may have fletchings of other than feather at the discretion of the Captain of Archers.

13. Under 18 year olds may not use a crossbow.

14. One adult per group shall assume the responsibility of Target Captain if this role is not appointed.

15. The scoring of targets shall be in accordance with that shown at the target or generally made known by other means.

16. All contestants to stay in their designated groups.

17. The Target Captain's word is final.

18. No sighting aids/kissers etc are allowed.

19. Line cutters shall count the higher score.

20. For Seniors and Young Adults (16+) bouncers do not count. For Juniors and Cubs witnessed bouncers do count

21. If you don't have enough arrows or bolts, bad luck. You may not retrieve and shoot to make up. You are advised to carry as many arrows or bolts as you can shoot in one minute plus a few spares.

22. For longbow & traditional archers there will be 50 bonus points for carrying and using only self nocked arrows with spirally whipped fletchings. You do not qualify for this bonus if you carry any arrows that are not self nocked with spirally whipped fletchings unless they have been lost by another archer and recovered by you. Please ask your target captain to record this bonus during the shoot.

23. When shooting, the leading foot must be touching the peg.

24. Scores shall be recorded starting with the lowest scoring arrows working up to the highest scoring. Thus, archers who shoot more than the specified number of arrows are penalised by losing their highest scoring excess arrows.

25. Do not modify the course in any way.

26. No square headed bodkins allowed.

27. Shooting of broadheads at any target is prohibited.

28. Do not shoot blunts at foam targets unless so instructed.

29. Kill = 20, Wound = 10

30. Due to the targets - a maximum bow Longbow & Traditional bow weight of 60lb is permitted.

31. The shoot is for fun. Please keep a sense of proportion.



31. Never load a crossbow nor draw a handbow unless it is pointing at the target.

32. Never loose an arrow or bolt if you cannot see where it will land.

33. Never loose an arrow or bolt straight up into the air.

34. Never shoot a defective arrow or bolt.

35. Never point an arrow or bolt at a person or shoot to the side of a person.

36. Never pretend to shoot towards a person.

37. Never shoot an arrow or bolt if any person is forward of your position.

38. Remember at all times that the bow and the crossbow are deadly weapons.

39. Whilst someone else is shooting keep your eyes and mind alert for possible danger.

40. Where possible danger exists, shout "FAST"

41. If you hear the word "FAST" stop shooting immediately.

42. If you have doubts of any nature, DO NOT SHOOT.

43. Don't think that things are safe, MAKE SURE.

44. At least one adult member of a group should always remain standing in front of the target while the other members are searching for arrows and bolts behind it.

45. Any sharp arrows or bolts lost in the battlefield area must be reported to a safety representative.

46. Do not bring any arrows or bolts to a mock battle.

47. If you loose an arrow on a target make a note of the fletching colours and target number you have lost it on. Report this at the registration area.

48. The Captain of Archers decision will be final in relation to all aspects of this tournament

*Note: Rules are subject to change

To enter the archery competition please fill in the electronic form on this website.